Designer E-Scooter.

The thrill of Sportbike riding.

Owlet is nimble yet stable.

delivering to you an owlsome feeling of speed and connection.

Owlet rides and handles in a truly unique way.

What truly set us apart

Rapid Acceleration

Experience cool acceleration that will take your ride to new heights!

πŸ¦‰ Absolutely quiet

Embrace the tranquility of silence with our whisper-quiet drag drive motor and cool rubber.

Reminiscent of an owl's flight

bobber style

Enjoy a comfortable ride with a springing seat

Experience easy mounting and seating with Owlet's low seat height.

the world's first adjustable wheelbase

choose between a chopper and a sport bike feel

Customize your ride with with two wheelbase positions


Enjoy a universal, comfortable upright posture,

that adapts to your needs.


Recharge without hassle

via standard Xt60 connector.


Glide effortlessly through tight spaces

with our precision-engineered narrow handlebar design.


Illuminate your path with our stylish angel eyes headlights.

Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!
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Discover what our first test riders and early adopters are saying.


You kind of feel like mini Valentino Rossi riding this bike. It’s a real mini Superbike. Kinda feeling every move of the handlebar. So you really have to be in control like you were riding a superbike


Effortlessly maneuver

with super cool handling and a tight turning radius.

Proudly California assembled.