Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!
Owlet One | Coming Soon!


Owlet One | Coming Soon!

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DESIGNED & ASSEMBLED IN CALIFORNIA 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁣󠁡󠁿 Flag for California (US-CA) on Emojipedia Sample Images 6.0



OWLET One ➝ 🔺 Unique Geometry ➝ 🏎 Agile Handling ➝ 🏍 Customize Wheelbase ➝ 🦩 Feel Different ➝ 🍏 Think Different ➝ 🤙🏿 Lowrider ➝ 🏁 Motorbike Speed Sense ➝ 🚲 Bicycle Safety ➝ 🚴🏿 Bike Paths ➝ 🙌🏼 Slim Handlebar ➝ 👖 Squeeze-In Tight ➝ 🛗 Elevator Friendly ➝ 🪟 Room Inviting ➝ 👨‍👧 Any Size Rider ➝ ⬆️ Sit Upright ➝ 🍑 Sit Comfy ➝ ➿ Fork & Springs ➝ 🌉 Long Rides ➝ 🌚 Till Night ➝ 🔦 Safe & Powerful Light ➝ ⚡️ Big Battery ➝ 🛡 Safe Battery ➝ 🔑 Lock It ➝ 🔋 Charge Onboard, Fast ➝ 💰 It’s a Steal! ➝ 🎯 Track Location ➝ 🥷🏾 Ride Stealthily ➝ 🦉 Silent DD Motor ➝ 💪🏼 Yet Powerful ➝ ⛰ Hill Climber ➝ 🚀 Rapid Acceleration ➝ 🔥 WHOOT Feel ➝ 💼 Foldable ➝ 🚘 Drive With It ➝ 🦅 Explore the Nature ➝ 🧘🏿‍♂️ Discover Yourself

great acceleration and hill climb performance = engaging ‘fly-away’ feel | smooth and silent ride, service free and reliable operation

greater feel of speed, comfortable starting/stopping and getting on/off

silent and smooth ride, great city and off-road performance

reliable and responsive braking performance

long tiredless rides, feel the road in a different way

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night riding safety

can be stored in car trunk or at home

No need for driving license, registration, insurance | grab and go riding

designed to feel the thrill of a motorbike rides with 6° to 10° rake angle (depending on wheelbase setting) and significant trail size.

designed with sustainable manufacturing in mind, with minimums of metal processing and welding.

owlet one

A strikingly stylish designer electric bike that combines performance, functionality, and the world's first adjustable wheelbase.


Illuminate your path with our stylish angel eyes headlights.

ENJOY A COMFORTABLE RIDE WITH A SPRINGING SEAT | Easy mounting and seating with low seat height.

Stay safe on the road with our blinker feature

Style Your Ride

Be the coolest owl on the block with sleek designs 

and choose between 'sportbike' or 'chopper' wheelbase positions

Security First

Removable battery with a lock for peace of mind.

Plus, a GPS tracker keeps your bike safe.

Owlet fits seamlessly into elevators,

integrating into urban living lifestyle.